Chapter One Of Sensus Fidei Essay

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Chapter one of Sensus Fidei: In the Life of the Church focuses on the development of the phrase, sensus fidei, which describes the infallibility of the Church through an examination of Scripture and the history of the Church. Chapter one starts by describing faith as it appears in the New Testament and its similarity to the understanding of faith in the Old Testament. The author determines that the idea of faith in Scripture is the proclamation and obedience to the Word of God. However, Chapter one goes on to describe how the infallibility of faith stems from the fact that faith comes from a belief in Christ, which was passed on from the Apostles. The further author explains that the patristic, medieval and modern periods of history stress that the Church is infallible in her teachings because its adherence to apostolic tradition. Comparing these eras of history the emphasis on the development of of sensus fidei comes from the idea that the Church is a living entity whose role as body and soul of Christ is guided by the Holy Spirit passes down its teaching to the faithful. Chapter two of Sensus Fidei: In the Life of the Church discusses the nature of the sensus fidei fidelis and its inseparability of faith in the personal and ecclesial lives of the believer. The author first explains that the sensus fidei fidelis is an instinct within the believer, which grants them the ability to discern the teachings that are complementary and contrary to the Church. Such a gift stems

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