Chapter One Summary Essay

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Chapter One Summary Acacia Caraballo SEI/500 Maricela Rincon 1 July 2013 Chapter One Summary According to Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2008), “each year the United States becomes more ethnically and linguistically diverse with more than 90 percent of recent immigrants coming from non-English speaking countries.” This is one of the reasons that non-English speaking students are less successful. Both the federal and state government requires all students achieve the same standard under the No Child Left Behind Act. Students who are English speakers are required to be both successful in school and productive members of society with better educational opportunities. This led to the development of sheltered instruction. Sheltered…show more content…
There are eight different features to help teachers improve their instructional practices: lesson preparation, building background knowledge, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, practice/application, lesson delivery, and assessment. Lesson preparation is the process by which a teacher examines the content and language objectives of their lesson and includes any additional materials that go along with it. Building background knowledge focuses on determining the student’s prior knowledge and experience, helping them to learn key vocabulary for the lesson. Comprehensible input is where the teacher adjusts techniques, such as voice, speech, or modeling activities, so the students can understand. Strategies emphasize scaffolding techniques, as well as the promotion of higher-order skills. Interaction focuses on a teacher’s ability to encourage their students with accomplishing their development in the language and content areas. Practice/application focus on providing students with activities that allow them to practice content and language development. Lesson delivery ensures the teacher presents the lesson along with the planned objectives. Assessment has four key components: key language and content concepts, student learning, and feedback throughout the lesson. In the SIOP model, the language and content
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