Chapter Questions

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1. True or false: Holding food in a steam table above 140F (60C) kills disease-causing bacteria and eliminates the problem of food poisoning. Explain you answer.

False. Bacteria will not multiply at 60C, but most are not killed.

2. True or false: Canning food eliminates air so disease-causing bacteria can’t grow. Explain your answer.

True. Canned and bottled foods that are unopened are not likely to support bacterial growth in their normal state.

3. Which of the following foods can become contaminated by disease-causing organisms?

Turkey Sandwich Potato Salad Shrimp Cocktail Roast Beef

4. How often should you wash your hands when working on food?

Whenever starting a new project, even if you are wearing gloves.
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True, the lower limit of the Food Danger Zone, 40F is the top of the boarder for the refrigeration. A cold fridge should be 40F – 32F.

12. What are the seven steps of HACCP?

1. Assess hazards. 2. Identify critical control points (CCP’s). 3. Set up procedures for critical control points. 4. Monitor critical control points. 5. Take corrective actions. 6. Set up a record-keeping system. 7. Verify that the system is
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