Chapter Questions On Gender And Gender Equality

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Barbara Kellar
Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1 answers

In reading chapter one I found that the definition of gender isn’t really what sex you were born, it is more the sex that you associate yourself with. If you feel that you are female but you were born a male then going by the text your gender would be female. Society tends to group gender by physical looks and not what a person feels they are. I personally feel that gender is what the person feels that they are. If they think they are female, but physically they are male, who am I to tell them they are only male?
Feminism is a multi-disciplinary approach to sex and gender equality. Defined through social theories and political activism. Historically, feminism has evolved from the critical examination of inequality between the sexes to a more nuanced focus on the social constructions of gender and sexuality.
We as humans have to have a meaning to everything in our life and the world. As a society there must be a definition for what people are, who they are and what category they fall in. If people are different, whether it’s how they dress, look, talk, who they are attracted to society as a whole feel that they need to place what is different into categories. In talking to my son, there are so many “labels” or meanings to what people are. I think the meanings are created to that people can feel safe.
The relational level of meaning defines the relationship between communicators, by indicating each person’s identity and…

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