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E-Business Ch. 6 – 10 Assignments Chapter 6 Questions 1) Is growth of the internet, in terms of users, expected to continue indefinitely? What will cause it to slow if anything? Internet growth is now currently slowing. This is because of computer costs. Unless the price of computers drop significantly the internet growth rate will continue to decline 3) Would you say that the Internet fosters or impedes social activity? Explain your position. I would say both. The Internet probably both fosters and impedes social activity. It fosters it because socially network, e-mail, instant messaging, and blog. These things help people stay in touch with friends and family. Blogs also serve as a positive outlet for people to vent and or…show more content…
15) Name some of the drawbacks to the four data mining techniques used in Internet marketing? The major drawback to rule-based technique is in the title. The amount of rules is unrealistic and short term. This method isolates the market making it difficult to return a profit. 17) Which of the four market entry strategies is most lucrative? The most lucrative market entry strategy that has proven is the brand extender. This mixed clicks-and-bricks strategy integrates online marketing closely with offline physical stores. It uses the Web as an extension to already existing order processing and fulfillment, and marketing and branding campaigns. These firms have been the most successful because they already possess the financial depth, marketing and sales resources, loyal customers, strong brands, and production and/or fulfillment facilities needed to meet customer demands. 19) What pricing strategy turned out to be deadly for many e-commerce ventures during the early days of e-commerce? Why? “Free or Freemium” is the main pricing strategy that has been devastating to many e-commerce sites including Although the site has millions of visits every day, it is still not profitable. The reason is many consumers believe that certain things should be free and they have no intention of purchasing anything and are content with whatever is free. In fact, even mentioning a price
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