Chapter Seven - Cosmic Geography

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Chapter Seven – Cosmic Geography
“Cosmic geography concerns how people envision the shape and structure of the world around them.” Walton makes it known of our current understanding of the cosmos, and how it "puts us at a relatively insignificance in the vastness" This allow us to understand the weather and times. Walton gives a breakdown of the different matter that make up the cosmic, and how it works . It is physical and material and works by the physical properties and the laws of motion. We learn that It has taken many centuries to understand this through science. At the same time, however in the ancient world they hadn’t developed the understanding we have today of our world around us. Walton views of the ancient world seem to be that, they worked off of what they saw and by chance form an opinion of how things worked. We learn that without a God to lead them it gave them a scent of loss and it left their surroundings in the hands of the gods. Walton tell of the heavens and that this is where the gods lived, he goes on to say that it is many levels of heavens exist based on the hierarchical position within the pantheon. The sky is what separated the earth and the heavens. He tell the works of the mountains, and how they helped hold the sky up. In this chapter we get a lesson on the working of the cosmic. The water from above was protected with the sky, so when the sky opened up, it flooded. In his book the write allow the his reader to get a view of the placement
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