Chapter Seven : Project Management

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7.0 Introduction
A project is a unique set of interrelated activities having predefined goals which must essentially be accomplished by a particular time, within budget and in line with the user specifications. (Artto, K., et. al 2011)

This chapter gives an overview on the project management structure that was used to ensure the project success in meeting with its set out goals and objectives and in finding an answer to the set project research question.

7.1 Project Management
Project management is an iterative process of planning and keeping track of the project activities as it goes along by applying methods, knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and managing the resources intended for meeting the project goals and objectives and in so doing successful yields the project deliverables within a specific time. (PMI 2000)

7.2 Project Schedule
Project scheduling involves ensuring that the project is completed within the intended time period.

Figure : Steps in Project Management (Mangal Solutions 2013) 7.2.1 Project Initiation
Project initiation involves the creation of a project initiation document (PID), as in the case of this project, a project brief form which details a summary of all that needs to be known about the project such as the title of the project, the synopsis of the project, the aims and objectives of the project, the intended users, why there is a need for the project, the system requirements and deliverables, the…
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