Chapter Seven Teaches Us That There Are More Addictions

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Chapter seven teaches us that there are more addictions other than substance addictions. These can be described as behavioral or process addiction. Most of these addictions include compulsive and obsessive behavior which are comparable to substance addictions. There are several process addictions. For example, eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and other structures of disorder eating. Shop lifting, internet, sex/love addiction, gaming, gambling, and self-harm are other examples of addictions.
These process addictions have some unique features. Almost all the process addiction can be considered legal. Individuals often get a sense of control, which they use to cope with pain. It provides a feeling of intense pleasure and happiness.
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Individuals assume women often conduct self-harm. Individuals also assume self-harm is done to seek attention, or to eventually commit suicide. Women between the ages of thirteen and thirty usually self-harm. This type of behavior can remain between five and ten years.
Shopping can be defined as a compulsive buying behavior. Individuals become addicted to shopping because they see it as a stress relief, which triggers them to do it again. Women are more prone to experience compulsive buying behaviors than men.
Gambling can be done at a casino, racetrack, or online. Compulsive gambling addiction can lead to criminal behaviors. There are several phases in gambling. The winning phase lead gamblers to win several winnings, which leads them to believe that they will keep winning. The loosing phase often begins with bragging about their past wins and start gambling alone and begin to borrow money. The loosing phase leads to debts. The desperation phase can lead to suicidal thoughts, arrests, divorce and alcohol and drug abuse.
Internet gaming disorder deals with individuals who spend an excessive number of hours playing video games. Individuals who are addicted to gaming prefer playing video games than communicating with individuals in person. Individuals prefer to not eat just and rather stay awake playing.
During the Gambling stage, it mentions that in the winning phase individuals win
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