Chapter Six : Start Up Loot

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CHAPTER SIX: Start up loot

When I finally got the courage to open my own business, I was just like you, a poor garbage person who didn 't know shit. I hadn 't the slightest idea where people got money to open businesses but I did know that it had been done before so I could probably figure it out. About twenty minutes into researching the thrilling world of loans I got so bored and frustrated that I gave up and I instead walked over to Dick Boss 's desk and asked him for the money. He just sat back and laughed at me cutely, like when you laugh at a Chihuahua when it tries to fight a Great Dane. I took a deep breath and plowed through his incessant cackling explaining to him the painstaking details of my business plan. Soon his
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I wanted so bad to show him that I could make things work with or without him. His impossible terms, forced me to find other ways of getting start up revenue. He forced me to find something that would fit my exact financial situation and time constraints. After some more research, not only did I find a solution but I found a lot of solutions. There is a lot of money in this world and there are a lot more ways to get it than I had ever imagined. The below info should give you a head start but ultimately it 's up to you to choose what fits your situation the best. If that choice is leasing your genitals in fifteen minute increments, hey, it 's your world dog. I personally prefer to keep my family jewel collection closed to the public and go with more traditional routes of earning cash through either debt capital or equity capital loans. Debt capital being what you 're probably use to where a bank or some shit lends you money and you have to pay it back with interest in a certain amount of time. Equity capital is a bit different but can be greatly beneficial. This is where investors give you money in exchange for interest in your company or some other type of ownership. To get this type of loot you better have a rock solid business plan (see chapter, whatever it was), an awesome product, and the palpable charisma of a serial killer. The most common places to find equity capital is through Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists which we
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