Chapter Study Questions 1 & 2 Essay

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1. What percentage of Texans live in urban areas (cities & suburbs)? 2
90% of the population now lives in crowed cities and suburbs.
2. Name the three cities in Texas that are three of the largest in US? 2
Houston, San Antonio and Dallas
3. What are the three diverse economic businesses in Texas? 4
Oil and gas producer now work alongside high-tech companies, telecommunications giants, and other important business sectors.
4. In what areas does Texas consistently rank at the bottom in state spending compared to other states? 4
Texas consistently ranks near the bottom of the states in spending on education, welfare, and healthcare for poor.
5. Is Texas a high-tax, high-business regulatory state or is it low-tax, low-regulatory? 4
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On might argue that the “wide-open spaces” of the frontier shaped Texan’s view of their autonomy, independence, and vulnerability. It has clearly shaped attitudes toward land and the legal right to use land as one sees fit.
11. What three combined groups now make up the majority of Texans and how does their historical experiences differ from that of Anglos? What celebration are part of their political culture? 8
African American, Hispanic, and Asian Americans. The white population have limited relevance to the relevance to the cultural and historical experiences of many African American and Hispanic Texans. For African American is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday as state holiday in 1991. And for Hispanics is the Cinco de Mayo.

12. Just what does political culture mean and describe the individualistic subculture in terms of government size, assistance, politics, and primary goals? 9
Political culture a widely shared set of views, attitudes, beliefs and customs of a people as to how their government should be organized and run.
Individualistic subculture holds that politics and government function as a marketplace. Government does not have to be concerned with creating a good or moral society but exists for strictly. Government should be limited, and its intervention in the private activities of its citizens should be kept to a minimum. The Government primary function is to ensure the stability of a society so that individuals can
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