Chapter Summaries Of The Left Side Journal

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Chapters 20-21 Left Side Journal I disregarded most of the parts of him being drunk because I know it ties into the theme of immaturity already and I’ve seen enough of him being this way. What caught my attention in this chapter is Holden not caring about getting pneumonia/ sick. He is already clearly killing himself by smoking, drinking, starving himself, and now going out while wet into the cold. I also disregarded Holden’s lying about being someone’s nephew. What I didn’t understand was that why couldn’t he just say that he’s going to his own apartment? It was no different than pretending to wait outside his neighbor’s door. The reason I disregarded this is because Holden has already lied so many times that I already know the moment he’s gonna lie since he’s done it so many times throughout the novel already. The moment that surprised me was when how Phoebe knew of Holden’s expulsion from school. From what Holden was saying, there was no reference to that subject, so I think she’s amazing for knowing that straight off the bat. I could work on making more questions that aren’t so story- specific to the book because I have more of those than analytical, thinking questions. Chapters 20-21 Right Side Journal Questions Chapter 20 What does Holden ask the headwaiter to do? And what does this say about his intentions? What does Holden say he doesn’t want to do while he is drunk at the bar? Why does he not want to do this? How is Holden pretend in this chapter again? And why

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