Chapter Summaries of Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

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Prologue: Ensei Tankado is dying in the Andalusian sun in Seville, Spain. Oddly, he is showing his left hand to the people trying to help him. To Tankado's frustration, no one understands and the last image Tankado sees is the light reflecting off of the ring on his finger. Chapter 1: The chapter starts off with David Becker proposing to Susan Fletcher while they were in the Smoky Mountains. Turns out, this vision was apart of Susan's dreams as the phone rings. On the other side of the line is David Becker who tells Susan that they would have to postpone their trip to Stone Manor because of an unexpected circumstance that came up. However, his time was limited so he told her he would call her later to explain everything. Susan takes a…show more content…
"Susan stared at him and almost laughed. Unbreakable? What was THAT suppose to mean? There was no such thing as an unbreakable code-some took longer than others, but every code was breakable." [pg 30] Towards the end of this riveting chapter, Strathmore unveils to Susan that Ensei Tankado has actually created an unbreakable code. Chapter 6 Chapter six is description of Tankado's past. Tankado's mother died giving birth to him due to the radiation from the atomic bombs that the United States sent. Ensei Tankado was born deformed and his father, shamed by an imperfect child, left his son. When Tankado was twelve, he was taken to be apart of a test for handicapped children. "Although Ensei Tankado had never seen a computer, it seemed he instinctively knew how to use it." [pg 35] He started to earn money through work with computers and soon became known throughout Tokyo as fugusha kisai, the crippled genius. He made fortunes writing algorithms and the NSA soon hired him. He was part of the team who worked on TRANSLTR but when he learned of its true uses, he quit on the job and violated the NSA's code of secrecy. He was later captured and deported. Furthermore, the NSA leaked information that Tankado was accused of spying so it would destroy his credibility. "'We all have the right to keep secrets,' he'd said. 'Someday I'll see to it we can.'" [pg 37] Chapter 7 Susan was still in disbelief at the idea of an unbreakable code. "She'd spent

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