Chapter Summary And Analysis Of Quotes From 'The Chef'

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The Chef, didn't commit any crime because "His hand was starved, his wrist thin, his body was cold: the cuff slipped off."(Page 1) which was the universe saying,you haven't done anything wrong do you are free to go .As soon as The Chef was free he takes the Professor's identity, which was a bad decision, the universe balanced out the good and bad and had him rearrested for his bad deed. "He hears her call to the postmaster to send the police." The Chef/Professor’s actions develop a theme of how desperation can lead people to extremes even to abandoning someone's identity.The author starts the story about the chef and his life (lines 18-27) how he ran away from it and became a man he wasn't (lines 42-78). He slowly starts convincing others that
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