Chapter Summary : ' Fifth '

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Chapter 1 “Third” Chapter Summary The story starts off with a six year old boy named Ender. He has a monitor which is a device in which authorities can see the world through Enders eyes. That day he gets his monitor removed then returns to class. In class Ender gets teased by a boy named Stilson. Ender is very smart he hardly pays attention in class because he knows all the answer to all the questions. Then after class the boy that teases him goes to him and corners him and begs them to let him go but they don 't so he kick him in the stomach and falls to the ground then even though he was on the ground he kicked him again Several times very brutally then goes away to the bus stop, thinking he was just like Peter. Important Quotes “There were advantages about to the monitor, and he would miss them. It was Silson of course. He wasn’t bigger than most kids, but he was bigger than Ender. And he had some others with him. He always did” This is an important quote because it shows how much Ender is protected by the monitor.”It gave him something to do while the teacher droned about arithmetic. Arithmetic!valentine had taught him arithmetic when he was three.” This is also an important quote in the chapter because it shows how smart Ender is and at such a young age Chapter Analysis Ender is small probably skinny, he is six years old, and gets teased on caused he is a third.When Ender kicked Stilson I was very surprised he seems like a nice kid, but maybe it 's just because he
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