Chapter Summary Of 'Plantation Life' By Rachel Adams

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“Plantation Life” told by Rachel Adams. Rachel was born into slavery in Putman County close to Eatonton, Georgia. Rachel had a mother and father but her father was sold when she was a baby. Her mom’s job was to weave clothes and many times Rachel got to wear the clothes. Rachel grew up with 17 children and only one of them being a boy. They lived in small log cabins, their beds and pillows were made from old hay. Rachel says as children they were fed cornbread and potlicker, adults were fed meat, greens, and cornbread. Marse Lewis Little and Miss Sallie were the owners. Marse Lewis was kind to his slaves. The overseer, however, was cruel and if they didn’t do what he wanted, they would be whipped. Slaves were also whipped if they didn’t do their task in a certain amount of time. Some slaves learned how to read and write while others didn’t. Rachel…show more content…
He was born sometime in December of 1854. He doesn’t know where he was born except that it was in South Carolina. Uncle Wash got his name from his master, Washington Allen. The master had several sons and daughters, one named George Allen left in 1850 to go to Lafayette, Alabama. Then in 1858, the master passed away and the family was divided. George Allen took the slaves to Lafayette, Alabama to be sold. As every slave was put on the block, George would buy them so their families weren’t divided. It dawned on the slaves that Mr. George Allen took them to Lafayette because he didn’t want anyone separating them. Before Uncle Wash turned 6, his mother passed away and he was looked after by George. During the 60’s Uncle Wash’s father passed away and was buried alongside his wife. Uncle Wash eventually moved to Columbus with his two children. He had four wives all of which died of natural causes and he also lost four children. He learned how to read and write through George’s kids. He also attended church every Sunday afternoon with George and his
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