Chapter Summary Of The Chapter 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn'

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Chapter 1 July. 2 Huckleberry introduces himself as the narrator. He describes his life to this point. He lived on the streets on his own until a widow adopted him recently. Now he speaks about his struggles adjusting to his new life, such as the widow trying to teach him proper English. As he lays in bed in misery he hears his old friend Tom Sawyer outside of his window and rushes to meet him. Chapter 2 July. 2 As Tom and Huck walk through the brush the neighbors slave Jim comes to investigate the noises. He can’t see anything so he waits in a tree. Soon he falls asleep so Tom and Huck crawl away. They hung Jim’s hat on a tree to fool him when he wakes. Also they took some candles from Miss. Watson’s house for their gang’s ritual. Tom and Huck travel to a cave to meet their gang of friends, and all of them take a blood oath. The oath says to take care of their fellow members and not reveal each other’s secrets or they will be punished. Shortly afterwards the boys return to their homes. Chapter 3 July. 4 After Huck wakes up he gets scolded for dirtying his clothes. Miss. Watson told Huck to pray in order to get what he wants. When he asked the widow why his prayers weren’t being answered she told…show more content…
Huck has been going to school and improved his speech, writing and math. At first he hated school but he figured it would only get better if for him if he didn’t skip. This proved to be correct and although he was still a bit slow the widow was satisfied with his progress. Huck saw bootprints in the snow he recognized as his fathers. He assumed his father had come to steal the gold he had acquired from a cave. A man named Judge Thatcher was investing it for him, so he went to Judge Thatcher and told him to take the money and Judge Thatcher figured out what Huck meant. Huck then went to Jim to ask him to use his magic hairball why his father came. Jim replied saying that the hairball told him Huck’s father didn’t know what he was going to
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