Chapter Summary: The Honest Truth

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At first,when I read this book’s summary, I thought it would be a childish book that the kid and the dog run away to a magical land and live happily ever after. Boy, I was wrong!

From the first sentence of The Honest Truth, you're already at the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next,“The Mountain was calling me. I had to run away. I had to.” The book itself has a unique style, whenever a chapter ends it goes to the point of view of the main character’s (Mark) parents and friend, so we never miss out on what is happening from both point of views.

Basically, here is what happens: Mark goes to climb Mt.Rainier, and he leaves home with his camera, his dog, his notebook, and a plan to reach the top of that mountain. Even if it's the last thing he ever does…
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A bad sick.A sick that people never get better from.This makes the story a lot more interesting because he has different challenges that normal people don’t have.

The parts of the book that I didn't like were how the author made Mark go through a lot of tough times,for instance,being sick,like I have already mentioned.But then again that is kind of what makes the book interesting.A good thing was that when we found out that Mark is going to climb a mountain,this,like I said before,makes you want to keep reading. Another good part about the book is that the author provides us a bittersweet ending,not a nice happy ending where the characters go to neverland and live happily ever after.

Overall The Honest Truth was a worthwhile read.i would rate it a 9/10 because the author,Dan Gemeinhart,did a phenomenal job putting together this book other than a few minor issues,the few I mentioned above.I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to experience the sadness Mark has to go thru. Be ready for the ride this book is gonna take
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