Chapter Ten Under Family Communication

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Growing up my father was a very hard working man. He was the breadwinner , and worked

eight to twelve hours daily. so , at every family function my dad's job was one of the main topics.


ten under family narratives it states “ narratives may reflect a family's view of how members

relate to one another”. And I believe the purpose of him always being the topic is to let us know

that it's hard to be successful without a good education. His expectations was that we should

follow in his footsteps , rather that be school, work, or activities. I feel as though this was small

for me because it became a competition in the eyes of my family members and I . We would get

into some minner conflict , and my father was always the piece maker.

What scripts operate in your own family?
Every year on thanksgiving the family gets togeather and meets up at my grandmothers house . at this ritual all the females work togeather ]s and makes a feast fit for the whole
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The reason that i feel my family needs to strengthen their connection-autonomy dialectic is because although we are not at the stage of “leave me alone” everyone is at the stage of deciding what our purpose in life is. My father works 9+ hours, my sister will be going away to college, I am a fulltime student mother and working, and my brothers are doing the same .Sitting down for a home cooked meal at our home is unrealistic. With all of our busy sceduals we dont get the chance to sit down to even ask how their day went. One communication attributes that I am proud of is confirming messages. Although my family does not get to spend as much time together that we would like,we do value each other. We are all fully aware of how proud we are of each other, and are here for each other when it is
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