Chapter Three. 3-Research Methodology . The Chapter Contains

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3-Research Methodology
The chapter contains the methodology which will be employee for the study that focuses on the real estate development and other investment multipronged implication to the sustenance of rural livelihood analysis of Dukem town. To do the study, the researcher design the descriptive approach which entirely focuses on both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect primary as well as secondary data using interviews, questionnaire, FGD, observation and photographs.
3.1-Research Design
A qualitative research approach, supplement with a questionnaire survey, is predominantly adopt for the purpose of this research. Qualitative research is
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Both primary and secondary sources of data are use in the research.
3.2.1-Research Techniques’
The study will apply the techniques such as questionnaire, interview, FGD, expert panel discussion, observation and photographs in a flexible appropriate and economical.
To collect primary data during the study, the structured questionnaires are prepared in English and translated into Afan Oromo (the local language) and Amharic language for the local people to understand the questionnaires and then translated back to English for analysis The questionnaires are both close and open ended to get more information in relation to the research objectives which is categorized in to three types, evicted households, not evicted but would be evicted in the near future and not evicted but would not be evicted in the near future or in the medium term are those included in the researches.
Depth interview are conducting to produces more flexible information. This is with professional from Mayor, Municipal, land management office, Investment office, Oromia central office of development-induced Dukem office, agricultural bureau and the developers.
FGD will be conducting with the elders to
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