Chapter Twelve, Worship And Evangelism

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This book report summary will be based on chapter seventeen “worship and evangelism.” Worship evangelism is a sensitive topic among theologians. This form of evangelism is quite controversial as there is no set-ground of a particular form of worship in the Bible. Basically, the Bible does not have an exact list of steps one should take in order to worship in a congregation. As a result, many individuals throughout history have attempted to interpret their own form of worship which has influenced the role of evangelism and worship in the church. In the Bible the Hebrew word for worship (shachah), means to “prostrate oneself” (Reid 308). For the Hebrew this meant to come before the almighty God in total humility. This also meant that worship must be God-centered. Worship should not only be based on feeling of emotion, but rather the glorification of the one true God. The essence of Hebrew worship was based on God revealing Himself to His people throughout history. For example, God revealed His judgment to Noah. In addition, Noah’s obedience led to the construction of the ark. He also worshipped God after the deluge and made an altar to Him. In the Old Testament, God’s people continued to lose sight of their relationship with Him, which led to their lack of genuine worship. As a result, the prophet Amos was sent to urge the people of the true essence of worship. The location of Jewish worship was in the synagogue. In the New Testament, Paul exhorted the singing of psalms and…

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