Chapter Two Essay. “Ethical Behavior Is Critical To Being

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CHAPTER TWO ESSAY “Ethical behavior is critical to being an effective leader.” According to Dyer (2016), “It 's been studied for over 2,500 years, and yet..., a recent survey showed that only three percent believe that corporate and governmental leaders would consistently behave in an ethical manner (Dyer). It is quite alarming that only three percent of people surveyed believed that leaders in such critical positions would always act in an ethical manner. It is surprising to know that we have dedicated that much time to studying ethics, yet, society has no trust in their leaders. However, why is this? Kelland, Paphitis, Mummery, and Nolton have a few revolutionary schools of thought that will help bridge the gap in ethics and leadership.…show more content…
41). Kelland and Paphitis propose that once literature has a shared understanding of the relationship between ethics and leadership, then the next step will be to determine how to get ethical leaders to act ethically (as cited in Alavi, 2016, p. 41). One way they found to be critical in ethical leadership is becoming a human agent. For the reason that human agents are free to the extent that their actions and behaviors can be explained by reason and motivation that are on their own (as cited in Alavi, 2016, p. 43). As human agents, leaders can utilize their ‘better judgment’ and some level of self-control over their choices and actions. Furthermore, the better judgment guides human agents through the external motivation of the world. Additionally, Kelland and Paphitis recognize that active critical reflection is an activity that involves deliberate elements. That is, then, people evaluate whether or not to measure those responses by assessing them against their values, commitments, and goals. However, certain constraints may override people’s ability to form ‘better judgment’ or assess a situation in ways that would not allow them to have the self-control needed for them to act like a human agent (as cited in Alavi, 2016, p. 44). As well, there are external influences that can place enough constraints on a person that will strip them completely

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