Chapter Two : Literature Review

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Chapter Two: Literature Review 2.1 Overview The term brand equity refers to the incremental value added by a brand name to a product (Pappu et al., 2011, cited in Farquhar, 1989). Celebrity Endorsements could be when there were consumer attachments to the popular figure who, which represented the products or services of the brands. Brands are popularised by different marketing techniques that navigate how the brand accumulates loyalty and trust amongst its consumer market (Chaudhuri & Holbrook, 2001). Even though a brand has the possibility of branching out and creating product categories to balance its products within the brand, it is unable to perform the same action with a celebrity endorsement with that particular brand (Silvera &…show more content…
Accordingly, this section will describe this case in detail. In order to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of a celebrity, so, the importance of the three key features, brands, celebrities. In addition key features will be described for a thorough analysis in the further process. 2.2 The Concept of Brand According to Armstrong, 2010, has defined brands are names, symbols, marks or a design that differentiates a product, company or an organization from its competitors, allowing the consumer market to gain the ability of choice. Brands enhance the consumers’ ability to enjoy shopping and also the choice for a certain product feature, where the brand that matches the consumer “check-list” the most is purchased. However, the strongest and most well-known brands are distinguished by their ability to create a large amount of awareness, frequency, and reach, with a collaboration of effective marketing tactics, which preserves their noticeable brands’ reputation in the competitive markets (Holm, 2006). However, in the field of marketing, there are several methods that can be used for brands to acquire a position in the market and its consumers’ minds. These compromises of advertisement, television commercial, press release, and many more, which have a major role in effecting the consumers’ acceptance of a brand or product and the decision-making process (Darley et al., 2010). Additionally, research found that
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