Chapter-Wise Analysis of Lac Su's 'I Love Yous Are for White People: A Memoir'

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Chapter seven is titled "the Naked Truth" and it tells about how Lac tried to hide the ugly truth of stealing from his own family to finance his friend's video game competition. Lac talks about his desire to be accepted by the likes of Javi in school. Javi is in competition with a man named Tucker on who can score better in the Spy Hunter game. Lac first starts stealing food stamps given by the government and sells them for cheap. He even coaxes a fourteen-year old girl to give him seven dollars by allowing her to touch his erected penis. But later he starts stealing outright from the family's "college fund." He is finally caught and his father savagely beats him and humiliates. Lac here is trying to explain the difficulty of fitting into American society for a Vietnamese like him and also how immaturity of childhood may lead to such horrible acts. Lac is so honest about everything he did that at the end it is hard to say whether he deserved the brutal beating at the hands of Pa or if it was too much. It certainly was too much because anger took control of Pa for a moment but what Lac did was also absolutely horrible. In Chapter eight, Lac tells the beginning of his family's life in a new town called Alhambra. After his experience with stealing for video games, Pa decided to move. Alhambra is full of Asians. The family has a nice house, with a lawn and a garage. Pa has also bought his first car and is trying to learn how to drive. Lac's puberty is growing and overwhelming

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