Chapters 5-9 Study guide

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Name: ______________________ Class: _________________ Date: _________ ID: A 1306 Unit Exam 2 Ch 5 6 7 8 and 9 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Prosecutors do have discretion as to which suspects to charge with an offense but under a great deal of judicial oversight. ____ 2. For defense attorneys a “successful” case often means a reduction in sentence via a plea bargain, not necessarily an acquittal. ____ 3. A judge may decide that a case cannot continue on to trial because s/he believes there is no probable cause that an offense was committed. ____ 4. Jurors are allowed to read peer-reviewed scholarly works (journal articles) to expand their knowledge on the…show more content…
c. Weigh the likelihood of conviction or acquittal. d. Determine which judge will hear the case. ____ 21. At which of the following stages in the criminal justice process is an indigent defendant not guaranteed counsel paid for by the government? a. Plea bargaining. b. Trial. c. First appearance. d. Discretionary appeal. ____ 22. An a. b. c. d. advantage of the public defender system is that _________________. it likely provides more experienced counsel excellent private attorneys may be appointed legal fees are kept down because attorneys compete for clients the Due Process model is more likely to be followed 3 Name: ______________________ ID: A ____ 23. Which of the following is not a responsibility of the defense attorney during or after trial? a. Represent the defendant at trial b. Represent the defendant at sentencing c. Tell the defendant to appeal d. File notice of appeal ____ 24. A trial judge without a jury is called a __________ trial. a. judge b. bar c. bench d. summary ____ 25. What is the process for a federal judge to be removed from office? a. The state judicial conduct commission must hear evidence in secret and then decide on the merits of the case. b. The investigation process is informal. If probable cause is found for the removal of a judge, the commission will first seek the judge’s voluntary retirement. c. The House of Representatives must vote articles of impeachment and
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