Character Action In Joan Aiken's 'The Third Wishes'

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In the story, “The Third Wish”, Joan Aiken tells about Mr.Peters who is driving in is car when he hears a noise. When he investigates he finds a swan that is trapped in thorns and frees her. In exchange for freeing the swan, he gets three wishes and he uses his first wish to wish for a wife, Leita. Mr.Peters notices that Leita is acting strange and he finds out that Leita is actually the swan the he freed from the thorns. She is unhappy as a human but stays for Mr.Peters. By using dialogue, 3rd person point of view, and character action, Joan Aikens reveals the theme be aware and considerate of others feelings. Throughout the story Aikens uses dialogue many different times to convey her theme. By using dialogue, the author lets the character converse and share how they are feeling. Mr.Peters finds out that Leita is a swan he feels very distraught. Aikens writes, “‘Is it so very hard to be a human being?’ asked Mr.Peters sadly, ‘Very, very hard,’ She answered” (104). Through the use of dialogue the characters are able to communicate how they are feeling about the situation. Lieta is able to explain to Mr.Peters how hard it is being a human. This shows that Mr.Peters is concerned with Leitas well being. Another example of this is when Mr.Peters and Leita are discussing her going back to life as a swan. “‘Who would darn your socks and cook your meals and see to the hens?’ ‘I’d do it myself as I did before I married you,’ he said trying to sound cheerful. She shook her head. ‘No, I could not be as unkind to you as that … I will stay with you’” (105). In both instances, the characters are using dialogue to communicate their feelings. Additionally, in the second example, Leita puts how she is feeling about being a human aside and is only concerned about Mr.Peters and how he would go on if she were to turn back into a swan. These quotes shows the theme, be aware and considerate of others feelings, very clearly. Another way that Aikens reveals the theme of be aware and considerate of others feelings is bey using third person point of view. Third person point of view lets the audience know what all of the characters are doing and feeling. On page 104 Aikens writes, “ Leita made him a good wife. She was gentle and

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