Character Analysis : A Worn Path

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The main character in “A Worn Path” is an old woman named Phoenix. She is a very determined and strong woman. The other main character is The Protagonist from “The Lone Ranger and Tonto”. He is the contrary of Phoenix, he is lost and depressed. Although, both of them are socially isolated or have isolated themselves from society. Both of them come from different -worlds-, the protagonist had a “good” life full of opportunities. Phoenix had a poor life, from a racist world and little, or no, opportunities at all. They face their life problems in different ways, The Protagonist with a pessimist form and Phoenix in a positive form.

First of all, a major contrast is the way they both face life, Phoenix sees everything in a more positive attitude. When the white man tried to diminish her, “I know you colored people! Wouldn’t miss going to town to see Santa Claus!” (Welty 168). She did not care and continued with her life. Nothing could stop her with her mission.
Also, The Protagonist is lazy and has a negative attitude towards everything in his life. He is still trying to figure what to do with his life. He also does not want to work. “… I didn’t even look at the want ads my mother circled” (Alexie 9).

In addition, The Protagonist had more opportunities in his life. He had the opportunity of going to college and to play basketball. He thinks he should be better than he is, because in his village, he was seen as the guy that was supposed to actually make it. “… a former
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