Character Analysis: Blood Brothers

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Levi listens to the gentle drumbeat of the rain as it hits the glass, rhythmic and soothing. They're a tangle of gold and pale limbs, him and Erwin, and Levi appreciates the heat Erwin's body radiates against his. It's rare they get to have moments like these—moments of security and warmth—and though he wouldn't go as far as saying he loves them, he certainly doesn't mind them. In fact, he rather enjoys them. He relishes the feeling of Erwin's fingers combing through his hair, his fingernails breezing Levi's scalp and causing Levi's skin to crawl. He shifts closer to Erwin and huffs when he hears Erwin chuckle, obviously amused as he continues to stroke Levi's hair. Something blossoms within Levi's chest when Erwin moves in closer, the hand slipping from Levi's hair and instead snaking its way around Levi's waist. "Stupid old man."…show more content…
He instinctively tilts his head up when Erwin dips his down, but he's left confused when Erwin's brushes the curve of his nose against the bridge of Levi's. It must show because he hears Erwin laugh above him before he does it again, and though he's confused, he lets Erwin do it because there's something so intimate about it, it makes Levi's chest
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