Character Analysis : Character 's Behavior

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Character analysis is the critical evaluation of a character’s behavior, role in the story and the struggles they experience as the story unfolds (Fleming). The character in a story is normally described in detail, meaning that the reader knows their age, ethnicity, and distinctive physical features important to the story line. Analyzing the character’s behavior, personality, motivation and relationship with others enables one understand the external and internal qualities (Fleming). The character analyzed can either play a major or minor role in a story. Major characters tend to be round and dynamic meaning that they change throughout the story while minor characters are flat and remain unchanged throughout the story. A character can be…show more content…
The book is regarded as one of the earliest work of feminist literature depicting the attitudes of the 19th century on women’s mental and physical health (Shmoop Editorial Team). The story uses the first person narrator perspective and is presented in form of journal entries made by a woman whose husband forbids her from working so she can recuperate from a supposed temporary nervous breakdown. The paper will highlight on the character’s personality, role in the story and struggles they experience. The yellow wallpaper is a symbol of the domestic life that entraps so many women (Shmoop Editorial Team). The narrator is a middle-class married woman undergoing care for depression. The narrator loses grasp with world’s reality, losing touch with world’s reality makes her gain more understanding of the inner reality of her life. The inner and outer life balance is important in understanding the character’s traits, struggles and relationship with other characters in the story. The narrator on Yellow Wallpaper is depicted as a mentally ill woman who feels trapped in her domestic life. Her husband John who is also her physician has recommended complete rest for her depression, she is not even allowed to take care of her baby. The narrator is an ambitious woman who wants to have a writing career. The narrator admires her husband’s sister who is the housekeeper at their house since she has a career She is a perfect and enthusiastic housekeeper, and
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