Character Analysis Essay

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A view into the world of Susan Fletcher and her dramatic reflection and inspiration

In the book, “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown, many characters are significantly important in the digital world and have a vast impact on “The Rise of the Internet” as seen today. The character Susan Fletcher is dedicated, determined, and independent this character is and is very influential to all goal-driven women who are to take on the challenges of the virtual world. One of the first things to consider about a character in a novel or story is the consistency of the character throughout the entire novel. Many characters may be dynamic throughout a few chapters or near the end of the story, but in order to choose a character that is extraordinary
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Another trait that makes a dynamic character is their believability and finding what it is that motivates them. Susan Fletcher is an extremely believable character that has many motivations, most of which root back to her extreme intelligence and independence. Firstly, is this character believable? Without a doubt, the characters in the story believe her intelligence and stand by her completely and without question. Although in the beginning of the novel, we find that Strathmore is the main boss (besides the director), we also find that Susan Fletcher holds a lot more responsibility than her title shows. A main point of motivation stems from her job title, as stated when she is speaking to Hale about his lies and associations with Enkai Tankado. As author Dan Brown states, “Susan needed to be the bigger person. It was her responsibility as head cryptographer to keep the peace, to educate”. Even a small recognition like this one, where we learn her real title, it shows how believable she really is. The reader may immediately believe how reliable, independent, and intelligent Susan is, it does not sink in until one (or more) of the characters in the story show the reader her creditability. “”Call the databank!” Susan ordered, “Warn them about the virus! You’re the deputy director of the NSA. You’re a survivor!”” Even in the toughest situations, she is the only calling the shots and telling her boss what to do in order to handle the situation. This fact
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