Character Analysis Essay On John Proctor In The Crucible '

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In the midst of intense superstition, Reverend John Hale is ready to jump down a slippery
Ouellette 1 slope into false conclusions. He interviews John Proctor on his faith, and becomes uneasy, “I—have—there is a softness in your record, sir, a softness” (Miller 63). As a priest, his strong beliefs lead him to suspect Proctor of witchcraft. In his mind, one who doesn't attend church regularly, and works on Sundays, worships Satan or practices black magic. Accordingly, Hale mentally concludes that Proctor is somehow involved with the Devil. Since he is a well respected man, others take his word and agree that someone associates with witchcraft; which leads to even more people being accused, even as Hale sees the truth.

An aging mind can lead
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