Character Analysis : ' Fan '

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One of the moments from the play that I believed communicated the show’s meaning powerfully was during scene two, “Fan,” from section 1. This was the scene where two characters, a man, and a woman, were arguing about a silly topic about who love a certain famous person more, a male specifically. The funny thing about this specific scene was that both of the characters were willing to do a few unbelievable and somewhat vulgar to prove their love for the famous guy. For example, the male character was willing to “eat dogsh*t,” “eat fire,” and even “eat cat food,” just to see the star in life and get to touch him. The male character even went as far as delusionally describing how their exact birth hour was similar when it was not. In regards…show more content…
There were no blinding lights for this scene except for a white spotlight that shone on them indicating that it was a light-hearted scene full of fluffy infatuation and fun. The music for this scene was not at all ominous unlike how they were for a good majority of the play. The instrumentals for this scene gave off a care-free vibe throughout the scene mostly. The music then changed and gave off a slightly more serious vibe when both of the characters realized that they both forgot what their idol’s favorite smell was and panicked when the both of them could not find the information from the magazine. These productions led me to believe that the meaning of the play was about how love itself is also information. The dialogue when they were arguing about who love the idol more and seeing how they were both climbing the monkey bars like wooden booth structure led to the idea that certain information such as what their favorite idol’s smell was is unnecessary information when it comes to love. It is understandable that one would want to know as much information as they are allowed to about the person that they love, but something like not knowing a person’s favorite smell, should not cause one insomnia because she/he cannot “go to sleep without finding out.” Simply because it’s not something that should even be relevant when it comes to your love for them. Seeing how the characters both got upset without each other due to the fact that neither of them knew the
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