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Analysis of “Snow White” Jack Franson Lynn University Analysis of “Snow White” Introduction The current analysis is focused on “Snow White” by Brothers Grimm. The plot of the fairy tale revolves around the topic of envy of a stepmother to the young and beautiful Snow White. While the later version of the story popularized by the Disney’s production is bright and positive, as this version lacks the gruesome parts of the story. The later cinematic implementation of the fairy tale adds new details to the narrative by changing the illustration of the main character. Snow White in the Grimm’s fairy tale is a weak and obedient stepdaughter, while in the movie, it was decided to make her an empowered female that defends herself…show more content…
Analysis “Snow White” has a large number of different versions of the story. Every version of the fairy tale seems to be particularly distinctive. The main similarities usually include the presence of an older envious woman, who wants to kill the main heroine, the death of Snow White, and her resurrection. As Saunders (2008) recognized, in the Scottish version of the fairy tale, the main character dies more than once; several older versions do not include the seven dwarves. Saunders (2008) reviews the Italian version of the story that included seven robbers. One of the oldest translation of “Snow White” dated back to 1823 named the protagonist as Snow-Drop and this version completely eliminated any gruesome content from the original Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale. As the analysis of “Snow White” revealed, the Disney version managed to polish the story to eliminate any trace of the gruesome detail in order to make it more applicable for the animated movie for children (Abate, 2012). For instance, Abate (2012) revealed that one of the detail, specifically, the requirement to bring lungs and liver of the Snow White after the killing, was ignored by the Disney version. A more sanitized version was considered more appropriate for the children due to the

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