Character Analysis: Giancarlo Stanton

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Giancarlo Stanton is the richest man in major league baseball after signing a $325 million contract this off-season. He has definitely earned that money this season he is hitting .265 with 27 home runs and 67 runs batted in a pretty stout start to that contract and proving that he is worth every penny. In his five-year career he is hitting 270 with 181 home runs most of them moon shots and 466 runs batted in. This guy has stupid power it doesn't matter where you pitch him he can take you deep no matter who you are. It's really mind-boggling to me how he slipped to the second round 76 overall in the 2007 draft trust me every single one of those teams that passed on him would love to redo that decision. The one major concern for Stanton and

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