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Early in the book, Faulkner Throughout the novel As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, the reader views Jewel as the most aggressive of Addie Bundren’s children. He is constantly arguing with his brothers, sister and father as they make their journey to Jefferson to bury his mother Addie, and he nearly gets in a knife fight when they reach town. Because of his angry responses and bad language it can be hard to recognize the significant impact Jewel has on his family. Jewel is courageous and sacrifices for his family even if the other Bundrens do not acknowledge or honor him for his actions. Jewel may not the most balanced son in the world, but neither are his siblings, and he shows throughout the forty-mile trip to his mother’s hometown of…show more content…
Jewel did not want to go with Darl. Jewel is also not a Bundren. Jewel is Addie’s bastard son, the son of Whitfield not Anse. Jewel also does not do things with the least amount of work. Jewel spends numerous nights clearing a field by the light of a lantern all by himself just to get a horse. When Anse learns of this horse he tells Jewel not to let it eat any of the horse food and Jewel promises Anse he will not let it. Jewel is misunderstood, but Faulkner shows that he is an honorable person. Jewel is often viewed incorrectly because he shows his affection rather than talks about it, and Marc Hewson says that “Jewel’s love for Addie may also may be based more on doing than saying” (4). Jewel shows his love for Addie after she is dead in many ways. When they start for Jefferson, Jewel is willing to carry Addie’s coffin alone when the rest of the family is moving too slowly. Cash wants help to carry the coffin but Jewel will not slow down: He [Jewel] will not stop. Cash begins to fall behind, hobbling to keep up, breathing harshly, then he is distanced and Jewel carries the entire front end alone, so that, tilting as the path begins to slant, it begins to rush away from me and slip down the air like a sled upon invincible snow, smoothly evacuating atmosphere in which the sense of it is still shaped. (98) Jewel’s willingness to carry Addie’s coffin

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