Character Analysis Of Abel Magwitch In Great Expectations

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Abel Magwitch is a critical character from Great Expectations. He starts off as a frightening escaped convict, but as the novel goes on, it is revealed that he is Pip’s benefactor- causing Pip’s whole world to change. The ideal actor for the role of Magwitch is Ian Mckellen. Mckellen would be great in this film because he has experience playing characters that show great emotions. He can play someone violent and dangerous as well as someone caring and emotional. One film series, starring Mckellen, which has proven his ability to aspire in this role, is the X-Men franchise. In that string of movies, he plays Magneto, a powerful mutant with a rough childhood that sets him on the path to be a villain, but at times his tender side is shown.…show more content…
Upon seeing this, Pip becomes silent, but secretly worried for his convict. However, Magwitch shows a great deal of strength physically and because he shows restraint. Magwitch does promise to kill Compeyson and get his revenge for being manipulated on several occasions by this man, but he shows resistance at the end because he knows that if he kills Compeyson, it will make things worse for him. Magwitch angrily tells the police, “’ Murder him? Worth my while,too, to murder him, when I can do worse and drag him back’” (Dickens 737). Everyone involved in this scene knows that Magwitch could kill Compeyson because he is so aggressive, but surprises them when he doesn’t. The biggest shock of all comes when, while being escorted back to the hulks by the police after the fight was broken up, Magwitch turns and admits to Joe that he was the one who stole the pie and liquor. In response, Joe tells him that it’s alright and that they wouldn’t want him to die of starvation no matter what he’s done. This causes Magwitch to weep a little because never been exposed to such kindness, showing a side of him that is foreign to the characters around him. Years later, when Magwitch comes back into the novel, he shows up on Pip’s doorstep and tells him that he is his benefactor. In this scene, Magwitch is so proud of himself that he doesn’t even notice that Pip is repulsed

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