Character Analysis Of Among The Hidden

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Among the Hidden is a science fiction novel written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, published in 1998. Luke Garner is hiding from the Population Police. He meets a brave girl named Jen, who wants to revolt against the government because she is a third child like Luke. The Garners live on a farm in a community where families can only have two children. In the fall, the woods behind twelve-year-old Luke’s house are destroyed. Luke must stay hidden! There are multiple characters in Among the Hidden and each has a unique personality. Luke, the protagonist, is scared, small, curious and the third child in his family. Mr. Garner, Luke’s dad, is a farmer who is stern, hardworking and cautious. Mrs. Garner, Luke’s mom, is gentle, caring and…show more content…
Talbot. Mr. Talbot tells him that Jen is dead. Suddenly, the Population Police knock on the Talbot’s door and Mr. Talbot hides Luke from being found. The Population Police leave after an unsuccessful search. Finally, in the resolution, Luke is given a fake identification by Jen’s dad who works for the government - not with the government. This new identification allows Luke to become free. Although Among the Hidden is a science fiction novel, it has parts that seem realistic. Conflict and theme are two literary elements used to make the story powerful. A conflict in the story is between the shadow children and the government. The government is trying to control the population and food supply. In this government families are only allowed to have two children, having three children is illegal. Luke is the Garner’s third child, this means he has to stay hidden and act as if he doesn’t exist. While reading this book I felt the conflict was unfair. Luke’s situation made me feel like he should revolt against the government. One of many themes in the book is courage. In Among the Hidden, Luke shows courage because he comes out of hiding and sneaks into Jen’s house to find the other hidden child. Each time Luke visits Jen he is putting himself at risk of being seen, caught and killed. Jen also demonstrates courage by revolting against the government. She breaks many rules including, having fake
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