Character Analysis Of Babamukuru In Nervous Conditions

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In the story, Nervous Conditions, Babamukuru is Tambu, the main character’s, uncle. He is an essential character because his reactions dictate how all the other character’s act and behave. He is the father of two of the characters and the husband to another character, but always asserts himself in everyone’s life, because of his duty to the immediate and extended family. He is the disciplinarian and parental figure to many of the characters. He is tough and not loveable to his kids, he especially makes known his disappointment in his daughter. He acts more as if he is running a business than raising his families’ status and overcome severe poverty. Babamukuru is the significant male character in the book because he is a successful…show more content…
He is never wrong and presents himself as very self-righteous. In this book, bias towards women is obvious. It is one of the main themes and is not hard to find. Babmukuru at first suggests that Nhamo, Tambu’s brother, be educated instead of Tambu because he is a boy and she is a girl but after years at this school Nhamo has changed in a bad way and rejects his family and learns a native language until eventually, he dies in a hospital away from his family. Only then does Babmukuru offer Tambu to take the place of Nhamo and attend the missionary school by his house. He becomes a prime example of discrimination in women’s education. He yieldingly lets Tambu go to a new school to higher her education even after she received a scholarship. Babmukuru’s alpha male dominance over all the other characters are, according to him, his duty, but it ends up being crippling for the women’s spirits. Another example of this gender issue is when Tambu is visiting her family at the mission and discover that her aunt serves her uncle dinner and lets him finish eating before serving herself or her children. The main character, Tambu, is trying to find herself and her own voice but has a male figure around her that doesn’t accept her growth because he thinks everything should be done to his approval and she is contradicting it. Also, Tambu’s father doesn’t like that she is going to school to get an education because once she gets married her wealth will go to

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