Character Analysis Of Beatrice And Benedick In Much Ado About Nothing

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“Kill Claudio.” says Beatrice forcing Benedick to prove his love to her by picking between her and Claudio to show her who is more important. In the first part of their conversation, Beatrice alludes that they have had some sort of past connection and Beatrice needs some reassurance from Benedick about their relationship. Eve Best and Catherine Tate play Beatrice and Charles Edwards and David Tennant play Benedick in William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, a well-known comedy about love, drama, and gossip. Beatrice is a friendly woman who has a quick wit. She gives the impression of not wanting to get married throughout the play. Benedick is a man who has a good time wooing women, but has no interest in committing to a…show more content…
Beatrice is a bit skeptical about what Benedick said, so he tells her he will do anything for her. Beatrice requests him to kill his best friend, Claudio. Initially, Benedick rejects this request, but eventually with some convincing he changes his mind and agrees to challenge Claudio in a dual. This scene is important for their relationship because they are finally confessing their love for each other. It also shows that Benedick is willing to do anything for Beatrice. He realizes that he might kill his best friend for Beatrice or that he will get killed. He is willing to put his life on the line for her. Tate and Tennant play Beatrice and Benedick in this play. Tate plays this scene in a very dramatic and comical way. Tennant plays this scene in a serious, unemotional way. Benedick says, “I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?” He speaks louder to confess his love to Beatrice. Beatrice is shocked and starts breathing heavy. She stares at him. This reveals that Tate is very dramatic. She is very over the top. In situations, like this, that are supposed to be serious, she responds in a more comical way. She does this because of her background in comedy. She is one of England’s most popular comedians. Tennant hardly uses any emotions when he tells Tate that he loves her. It is as if he really does not feel the way that he says he does. “As strange as the thing I know not. It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing
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