Character Analysis Of Bigger Thomas

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Of the many characters, the audience gets to know in native son, Bigger Thomas, the main character is the most complex. Bigger is the way he is because of his insecurities and fears, as well as his environment and the discrimination he faces.
Bigger Thomas struggles with negotiating the different formulations of his identity which are thrown into disarray by a segregated, inequitable and frequently hostile society. The instability of Bigger’s identity is shown to be a product of psychological disorientation engendered by the environment of racial terror which he must cope. (Elder 1)
Bigger has no mental focus because of his supremacist society and the absence of opportunity towards African Americans. The greater part of his brutal contemplations are generally parts of his actual character or his “previous lifestyle” that have been gathering because of the scorn he conveys within himself (Butler “structure” 3). Bigger also displays anxiety throughout the majority of the novel. The first instance is when bigger cannot go through the robbery he and his gang had planned. He is filled with fear and immense anxiety. Resulting him in lashing out violently. Showing the audience he is not as fearless as he depicts himself to be. Bigger has all the qualities of being an alternate individual when he arrives at the Dalton home. He changes his method of speaking. He uses “yessuh” and “nawsuh”. As if he had created an alternate personality, creating a behavior that is acceptable for
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