Character Analysis Of Celie In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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“You gonna do….” The first letter written by Alice Walker's character Celie in The Color Purple gives a brief light on how mistreated, the protagonists, Celie has been. Celie suffered through many forms of abuse and trauma. Since an early age her supposed father, Pa, sexually abused her. Celie’s husband also beat her into submission, and worked her constantly. But never the less Celie revolts against her oppressors with the help of Shug, Nettie, and life changing events. In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple the protagonists Celie is analysed through emotional and physical abuse, and hardships throughout the novel, but after many personal trials she has become a very independent character.
Celie has been emotionally abused by multiple characters in The Color Purple. Celie was frequently told she was an undesirable, ugly woman only meant to be used by other. She believed this, leading her to hate her physical appearance, and her self. After being impregnated by her father Celie was forced to quit attending school which broke her down even more. She began to feel very stupid and illiterate. The day her sister Nettie was forced to leave her side had destroyed her emotionally. Nettie was the only person she loved, other than her children, and the only person she felt loved her back. Celie was also given away unwilling as a wife. to Mr. ____ who treated her terribly. While living with Mr.___ she met a woman, Shug Avery, a woman she came to love and hold the in highest
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