Character Analysis Of Chalson's 'Flowers For Algernon'

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Charly (CHAЯLY) is a science fiction drama film produced and directed by Ralph Nelson, which has been adapted based on the novel “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. The film was released in September 1968 and was a hit at the box office. The film focuses around Charly’s developing character, who is a mentally retarded 30-year-old man with a low IQ who can only do very simple tasks. According to Roger Ebert,
“He cheerfully inhabits a world that seems frightening to us. His barren room contains a blackboard with the next day's tasks on it; he works as a janitor at a bakery where his "friends" torment him. With heartbreaking persistence, he attends night classes and takes guided tours of the city, but the things he learns all slip away and he has to keep starting again” (Ebert).
Throughout the film, it is visible Charly’s strong desire in growing more intelligent and all the effort and determination he puts into it. The film plots distinctive themes and an extremely significant symbol. The themes will be analyzed through the tension between intelligence and emotion and the relationship between the mistreatment of disabled and alienation. The significant symbol in the film is represented by the mouse Algernon. The themes are powerful features to the meaning of the film. The tension between intellect and emotion plays a huge role in Charly’s personality. Due to his mental disability, Gordon is an extremely kind, truthful and sympathetic man. A great example plotted in the

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