Character Analysis Of Charles

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In the short story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson, Laurie is a little kindergartner who tells his parents everyday about one of his fellow classmates, Charles. Laurie lives with his little sister, father, and mother. Throughout the short story it seems as though the mother believes her child is an angel, and it is not until the end that she finds out that her little Laurie, is Charles. Laurie tells his stories in such a way that his parents would never suspect that he was in fact, Charles, showing he is a clever boy. Not only does the author exhibit how clever Laurie is, but Shirley Jackson also indicates that Laurie is a rude boy by showing that he uses fowl language and uncivil behavior towards his family. Furthermore, Laurie models how mischievous he is everyday in his classroom, by committing unauthorized actions. All of these instances prove that Laurie is clever, rude, and mischievous. Laurie is a great story-teller and he is also great at tampering with the truth. Especially when it keeps him out of trouble, for example, on Monday when Laurie arrived home late, he insisted to his parents that “Charles yelled so much that the teacher came in from first grade. She said our teacher had to keep Charles quiet. And so Charles had to stay after school. And so all the children stayed to watch him” (1). When Laurie said that “all the children stayed to watch him” he is stating this because it gives him a valid reason or excuse as to why he arrived home late. Also, it gives his
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