Character Analysis Of Colin Singleton In An Abundance Of Katherines

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I am writing my characterization essay over the main character, Colin Singleton in An Abundance of Katherines. At the beginning of the book Colin Singleton a 17 year old explains to us that he just went through a pretty bad breakup with a female he calls Katherine XIX. He thinks he is unable to move, eat, sleep, or study, which he was good at because he was a child prodigy. He goes on to tell his best friend, Hassan, that he has to leave town to try to get his mind off of Katherine XIX, but first they have to convince their parents that it’s a good idea for Colin to leave town for the summer. When Colin was about 25 months old, his father was reading the newspaper one morning and Colin says “Three deed on West Side” his father asks what he said and colin repeated himself, “Three deed on West Point. I want french fries please thank you.” his father looked at him in amazement. “CINDY! THE BOY IS READING THE PAPER!” Colin Singleton’s parents really, really enjoyed reading. Colin’s mother taught French at the notable and expensive Kalman School, his father was a sociology professor at Northwestern University. When Colin read the newspaper his parents realized that he wasn’t a regular child. His parents took him to a preschool for gifted children. Colin was too advanced for the school and he also wasn’t yet potty trained, so his parents took him to a psychologist at the University of Chicago. Colin was asked to answer different questions and flip polygons and things to try to

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