Character Analysis Of Cyrano De Bergerac

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In the play Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand, is a book about Cyrano de Bergerac, who is one of the main characters in this book that has a downfall in the his love life. Cyrano had a flaw in his life that lead to his downfall in the end. The contributions that lead to this would be his tragic flaws, which truly prevented him from achieving the women of his dreams. Cyrano may have had favorable traits about himself like being able to take control as a leader; gaining him respect from others. Surely, that would have given him the confidence to gain Roxane’s but he stood in the shadows because of his honorary code. Roxane did love him, but she loved him through Christian. Cyrano would be considered a tragic character because he…show more content…
Before Christian’s death, Roxane says that she would love Christian even if he were ugly because of his affection in “his letters” but in reality that affection was being written by Cyrano. Christian knew he was going to die during the war considering he was already famished and gaunt so he told Cyrano specifically that Roxane would loves Christian even if he were ugly and that he knew Cyrano loves Roxane because he risks his life by crossing enemy lines just to send her a letter everyday. Being the man of honor, Cyrano did not tell Roxane that “Christian’s soul” was actually him, for the reason of Roxane mourning over Christian. While Christian was dying, Cyrano whispers in Christian’s ear, “ I told her everything. It’s still you she loves!” (4.9.194). Even though he may have lied to Christian, but he couldn’t let him die with the thought of Roxane not loving him. Fifteen years later, Roxane finally learns the truth of how it was Cyrano writings those letters. Cyrano requests Roxane to let him read the last letter given to Roxane “from Christian,” then as he is reading it; he read it with the same tone as the night under the balcony. In the light of the reading, she claims, “How well you read… that letter...A voice that I’m not hearing for the first time! It was you” (217). Roxane soon realising that Cyrano has always loved her and now doesn’t want him to leave. Cyrano’s death happened after this

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