Character Analysis Of Dallas Winston From 'The Outsiders'

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Dallas Winston was a great man. He was there when we needed him. At the age of 14 he moved to Oklahoma, he made some incredible friends, Johnny, Darry, Two-bit, Sodapop, and Steve and I. That’s where he met, and formed our gang, the greasers. Though, Dally was tough, and mean looking, he showed sympathy, and compassion for his fellow gang members, especially Johnny. Dally did everything for us, when our gang thought he was unable to fight at the rumble, he still did because he wanted to help us, he didn’t want to see us lose against the Socs. And have our territory taken. There was this one time where we were at the drive-in theatre, and we were sitting right next to two Socs girls, Cherry Valance, and Marcia. Dally tried to embarrass both

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