Character Analysis Of Dirty Dancing

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Dirty Dancing is a classic movie about a young man and a young woman falling in love, and as every movie seems to follow the same type pattern, they have difficulties with the access of being together. Baby’s father wants her to be with one of his doctor friend’s son, but Baby is not interested. The main character, Baby Houseman, is a young woman who is attending a country club with her family for the entire summer. Baby’s father is a doctor, which explains how they are have received a proper invite to the country club for an entire summer. In this country club, they obtain a diverse staff. The country club worker consists of the cleaners, servers, ushers, cooks, and the most intriguing was the entertainment. One evening at dinner a striking man was dancing for the evening and she was sidetracked from then on. The only problem was that he was a worker at the country club not a guest and she knew her family would not approve. One evening she heard music and as enticed by the tune and followed it. Baby ended up at a place where all the workers came to dance and hang out. She was not exactly welcomed in, but they thought if they told her to leave, then she would go tell on them and they would get into trouble. As time went on, they became fonder of Baby. They started to realize she was not a stuck up rich girl. One evening Penny, one of the entertainers was upset so baby followed them to Penny’s cabin to see what was up and come to find out that Penny had gotten pregnant from
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