Character Analysis Of East Of Eden Cathery

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In East of Eden Steinbeck portrays Cathy as a near – inhuman creature of seemingly inherent evil, the idea of timshel implies that she has power to choose her own path. I personally feel like Cathy was born a moral monster rather than she becoming one on her own. Yes, she was born like any other person but she always had a different aroma than most people that set her different from most. Cathy was without a doubt, beautiful with the power to make all heads turn her way everywhere she went. She had lovely gold hair, big hazel eyes, pointy small chin along with a delicate nose, and high cheekbones giving her a heart shaped face. She was a beautiful girl that became a woman with the power to make men fall head over heels for her. With just a smile and a beautiful voice. However, let’s not be fooled by her appearance. Cathy is a cruel, manipulative, heartless person who knows how to get anything she wants through anyone. She used her beauty to her advantage. The first incident was when Cathy used her smartness and manipulative skills to make it seem like two boys raped her. The boys received punishment for something they didn’t do but Cathy made it seem like they did it on purpose. But Cathy made it seem like she was the victim. Cathy also used her beauty and manipulation to seduce her teacher James Grew. When she made James fall in love with her, she denied him any love. Causing him to commit suicide. As Cathy grew up she became more destructive and

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