Character Analysis Of Edward Scissorhands

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The film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by Tim Burton is a story about a lonely boy with a unique disability: scissor hands, it follows Edward as he experiences life outside of his isolated home and through his hardships of dealing with prejudice and people treating him differently. It also follows him when he makes judgments of others wrongly and shows the consequences to both parties from those decisions made on them. An important idea in the film is to not judge someone by their looks or make assumptions about a person without knowing them fully. This is important because we learn the effects this can do to someone and how wrong we may be when we assume things. We see how this might be true when peg meets Edward for the first time and we make…show more content…
To not judge someone by their appearance is an important idea in the film because it teaches how it may affect the person you are judging and how damaging it could be for someone’s mental state. Another reason this is an important idea in the film is that it teaches us that judging others wrongly can affect us if we judge someone as being a kind and pure person when that isn’t particularly true. For example, the audience was made to believe that Jim, Kim’s ex-boyfriend was a nice person, Jim is portrayed to the audience as the classic blonde-haired, blue-eyed American boy and is seen to the whole neighborhood including peg as an angelic person because of his looks and how his exterior seems. We see how it is important when we witness how quickly Jim’s personality changes and we instantly see what he is really like, we see an almost devilish darkness to him when Kim tells him to leave. After this scene we see Jim chasing after Edward trying to kill him, this demonstrates exactly why judging people based on their looks does not benefit either party as it could reflect negatively on the person being judged or the person who is judging someone. This lesson teaches that although someone may seem like one thing on the outside they may be completely different on the inside, judging this way is as if believing that just because an apple may look on the outside as perfect and ripe, it can be very
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