Character Analysis Of Emma By Jane Austen

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Emma, by Jane Austen, focuses on the life of Emma Woodhouse, heiress to the wealth and importance of her father’s mansion, Hartfield. The story takes place sometime in eighteenth century England in the populous village of Highbury, where Emma lives with her father in their mansion, Hartfield. In this book, both the protagonist and the antagonist turn out to be the same person, Emma. Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, clever, talented, and the youngest of two daughters born to her father. The effect of her sister Isabella’s marriage to Mr. John Knightley a few years earlier had left Emma the mistress of her father’s mansion. Emma, content with running the mansion, keeping the family name good in the eyes of society, and keeping watch over her father,…show more content…
Weston. The marriage of Miss Taylor to Mr. Weston is a devastating blow to both Emma and her father who had both come to love and depend on her ever since she became Emma’s governess sixteen years prior. Despite the sorrow of having her closest friend and confidant now living a short distance away, she has one small satisfaction from their marriage. Emma, who believed the match between Miss Taylor and Mr. Weston, was meant to be four years prior to their marriage, now believes that she is an expert matchmaker. This whole belief is the trigger that sets off a whole chain reaction of fiascos and…show more content…
In her letter, she had also mentioned that instead of going to Ireland with the couple that had raised her to see their recently married daughter she had decided to come to her hometown for three months. The fact that Jane had decided against going to Ireland with her adoptive family intrigued Emma as soon as she found out. This fascination only gets deeper as more mysteries involving Jane Fairfax pop up. This whole puzzling ordeal leads Emma to make conclusions and form speculations that weave the net of trouble even tighter around
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