Character Analysis Of Flossie Pours The Red Wine Into The Goblets

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Flossie pours the red wine into the goblets and offers Filippo one of them. He comments that it is a beautiful room, filled with eroticism, and she agrees. In looking around he sees Roman frescoes that are shameless so he suggests that they could have been a part of old Pompey, very long ago. The dog is now out of her Mistress’ sleeve and edging toward Filippo’s leg. Flossie begins to giggle and the conversation ceases. She then turns on the record player and begins singing an aria from Madame Butterfly. The dog is now breathing in passionate gasps and Filippo feels the urge to succumb to the lady’s talent and charms. He is somewhat confused but ambivalent to the heat and glow of the candles and the coldness of Flossie’s eyes, but his eyes…show more content…
The music of Puccini is passionate and very suggestive. That is the connection and to me you look somewhat like Puccini, a man of good genes, sensual eyes, Roman nose, but your eyes betray you for they are that of a man who is insatiable and that frightens me.” All this time Filippo isn’t saying one word. She continues “Life, my dear, is full of vicissitudes such as we have just experienced. They are a part of life that surfaces with the right circumstances. Such an act as we experienced is in itself vulgar, coarse and animalistic, but necessary.” Filippo is now on his way out of the cave and unable to hear her last lingering words which were “And such acts can be deeply rewarding or tragically punishable, but only time will know which is appropriate.” *** It was a little after nine when Filippo went to his room. He took a quick glance at the mirror in the bathroom and decided that the evening couldn’t end without talking to Picca, but it was early and Picca hadn’t returned, so he left a note on his bed which read “Need to talk to you. I’ll be in my room–Filippo.” It was eleven before there was a knock on Filippo’s door. “Picca, come in, I’m drinking a very good Chianti, are you interested?” “Sure, and your eyes tell me you do have something to talk about. Did you wear out a few hormones? Red wine will do you some good. Salute!” Filippo opens up with “Maschera! Have you ever known a woman whose
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